Benefits DFC 2020

Fuel savings. Better diesel ignition and combustion.1Fuel savings

Fuel savings of 4 to 15 percent possible, depending on driving style. DFC 2020 improves the diesel condition, so it provides more energy.


An diesel engine that stays clean and lower emissions

2Lower emissions

Less harmful emissions, stronger and stronger emission regulations: its turned into a race for engine developers. When combustion engines are new, they naturally comply with legal requirements.


Extended engine life.3

Extended engine life

Diesel fuel is a high energy fuel with many advantages such as safety compared for example with petrol. Quite a lot of changes have been made to diesel fuel in the past few years.


Cleaner diesel engine. Prevents hard carbon deposits in the diesel engine.4Cleaner engine

DFC 2020 stops hard carbon deposits forming in the diesel engine at points such as the EGR-valve (Exhaust Gas Regeneration-valve), intake and exhaust valves, injectors, pistons and other critical components.


DFC 2020 reduces maintenance frequency of the diesel engine.5Lower maintenance costs

With DFC 2020 hard carbon no longer forms during the combustion of diesel fuel, which keeps the critical parts working correctly, leading to less oil consumption. The clean oil scraper ring carries out its proper function.