Benefits DFC 2020

An diesel engine that stays clean and lower emissions

2Lower emissions

Less harmful emissions, stronger and stronger emission regulations: its turned into a race for engine developers. When combustion engines are new, they naturally comply with legal requirements. But engines accumulate deposits internally in daily use, leading to loss of engine power and performance. The driver uses the accelerator more in compensation, and that results in more internal deposit accumulation and higher emissions of harmful exhaust gases.


An engine that stays clean and lower emissions

Use of DFC 2020 as conditioner in the diesel fuel cleans your engine and keeps it clean. The engine stays within factory specifications and the emissions stay low. And other parts on which residues easily accumulate such as the EGR valve and other valves, injectors and the particulate filter stay clean. This gives up to 50% less particulate emissions and clouds of smoke from the exhaust belong to the past. That's good for the environment and for the diesel engine.