Benefits DFC 2020

Cleaner diesel engine. Prevents hard carbon deposits in the diesel engine.4Cleaner engine

DFC 2020 stops hard carbon deposits forming in the diesel engine at points such as the EGR-valve (Exhaust Gas Regeneration-valve), intake and exhaust valves, injectors, pistons and other critical components.

The cleaning effect of DFC 2020 will already be noticeable after 500 km in diesel engines which have covered a considerable number of kilometres. For your engine to attain factory specifications, it must be clean, the injection pattern of the injectors must be as intended, and the engine compression correct.


Prevents hard carbon deposits in the diesel engine

In every engine there is blow-by, since the pistons of course have a smaller diameter than the cylinders in which they move. Piston rings compensate for the difference and oil scraper ring separates the oil sump from the combustion. When hard carbon deposits form on these parts, they no longer perform correctly and this loss of power is compensated for by pressing the accelerator deeper. More diesel fuel is consequently used and the cumulative degradation continues. This leads to high fuel and oil consumption, low power and, finally, damage to the engine.