Benefits DFC 2020

DFC 2020 reduces maintenance frequency of the diesel engine.5Lower maintenance costs

With DFC 2020 hard carbon no longer forms during the combustion of diesel fuel, which keeps the critical parts working correctly, leading to less oil consumption. The clean oil scraper ring carries out its proper function.

There is less oil degradation since no exhaust gas enters the oil sump. The piston rings can retain elasticity since no carbon deposits collect in the grooves of the piston.


Reduces maintenance frequency of the diesel engine

Since oil consumption is normal or even lower and since oil and filters stay clean, maintenance and oil top-up can take place at normal frequency. DFC 2020 combats engine damage due to hard carbon deposits in the tank and fuel pipes so that fuel filters also last longer. Damage caused by blocked filters and aggressive corrosion is eliminated. Malfunctions and expensive damage, often at inconvenient times, arising from these is greatly reduced.