Benefits DFC 2020

Extended engine life.3

Extended engine life

Diesel fuel is a high energy fuel with many advantages such as safety compared for example with petrol. Quite a lot of changes have been made to diesel fuel in the past few years. For example, sulphur has been removed. This is good for the environment, but sulphur has lubricating qualities, just as lead in petrol previously.


No hard carbon deposits on injectors, valves and pistons

Because hard carbon is no longer produced and cannot therefore accumulate on injectors, valves and pistons, excessive wear can no longer occur here. The engine performance remains at the level specified by the manufacturer since these vital components continue to work properly in-line with factory specifications.


Longer diesel engine life and lower operational costs

DFC 2020 considerably increases the life of your diesel engine, reduces the operational costs and prevents unwanted malfunction or unpredictable behaviour.