DFC 2020 is also for private individual use and has a wide range of applications (see also fuel oil). Mix a small amount in the tank of your car, for example, to profit from all the benefits. Use it also in the motorboat, speedboat, motor yacht and other water sports and recreational boats. Don't forget campers, camping buses and (mobile) power generators. DFC 2020 is guaranteed and safe to use. You and your engine just have the benefits.



Are you wondering whether you can store your camper best with an empty of (half) full tank? Until recently the answer would have been "empty". DFC 2020 has changed this. With this special conditioner for diesel fuel, you no longer have a problem with the harmful effects of immobile diesel systems. 


DFC 2020 keeps pistons, filters and fuel lines clean so that your camper is always ready to start. And what goes in clean comes out clean: no more hard carbon in your engine and no more particulates in your exhaust. With DFC 2020 your holiday starts as soon as you arrive. You don't need to first clean the soot off your camper.

Water sports and recreational cruising

speedboatWater sports are more popular than ever. Whether you go quickly or slowly, or want to fish quietly or speed about on water skis, the possibilities are endless. But diesel engines in recreational boats sometimes literally make a mess of things. Its no fun when black smoke clouds blow over your lunch on board or in the face of the water skier. With DFC 2020 Diesel Fuel Conditioner that a thing of the past, just as the ugly soot deposits on the transom.


Add a small amount before you fill-up with diesel fuel and the hard carbon on the components of your engine - the cause of polluting and ugly smoke clouds - disappears. Your engine will be just like new again, with all the benefits that brings: complete combustion of the diesel fuel, lower fuel consumption, lower emission and less maintenance.