DFC 2020 is suitable for all types of diesel fuel, for all systems and is therefore excellent for use in the transport sector. For example, road, rail and water transport (see also shipping).

A small quantity of Diesel Fuel Conditioner in the tank of a truck, trailer, refrigerated vehicle, low-loader, locomotive, inland ship or fishing vessel, pontoon and other ferries, tourist boat, tug or pilot vessel is sufficient to profit from all of the benefits offered by DFC 2020. One litre of DFC 2020 is sufficient for 6,500 litres of diesel fuel!


Road transport

Truck, road transportLarge amounts of diesel fuel are used each day in the road transport sector. Trucks, whether small or large, practically all use diesel fuel. Use of DFC 2020 is particularly interesting for this sector, as a  very large-scale user of diesel fuel. Firstly in view of fuel savings, but in addition because DFC 2020 reduces the maintenance frequency. The investment is minimal: one litre of DFC 2020 is enough for as much as 16,250 kilometres! We have developed a unique dispensing system specially for trucks which really makes it easy to use this diesel fuel conditioner. DFC 2020 is added to the diesel fuel in the correct amount at regular intervals. All you need to do is see that the tank does not become empty. Topping-up is only needed now and again, because one litre of DFC 2020 is enough for 6,500 litres of diesel fuel. A reserve tank of 5 litres will be enough for any maintenance interval, then the service garage can refill it.